Golden Retriever – The Golden kid in world of dogs

A lot of people find it hard to distinguish a golden retriever from a yellow Labrador. Some people even brought a Golden Retriever, after watching ‘Marley and Me’. For them, it is the ‘Marley and me’ dog. Golden Retriever and Labrador retriever are two different breeds. They are both retrievers, which imply they were both used in hunting. Unlike a Labrador, Golden comes only in its rich, lustrous golden color with slight variations in shade. Golden is the sensitive, softer and gentler breed. It does well with any energy level in the house. It can serve the elderly and children equally well.

Golden Retriever is often dubbed as the Golden. They are great hunters, show dogs and family pets. Males stand 23-24” at the withers and weights around 70 lbs. Females are 21.5-22.5” at the withers and weigh around 60 lbs. They are adept at living in small apartments. Plenty of exercise may be needed, especially in its adulthood. Its water repellent coat comes in a range of shades. You got dense, light-to-dark golden shades of coat. Friendliness, loyalty and trustworthiness of the Golden are to be appreciated. They are excellent companions to disabled people due to its even temperament.

Brains, brawn & beauty…

Golden is a dog with a big heart. It was bred to retrieve water birds shot by hunters. Thus, you can’t take away their love of water. Most other breeds are averse of water and bathing them is such a tough job. Goldens love to weave through land and water. These are hugely popular pets. The breed is a classic combination of brains, brawn and beauty. Their creamy shades and deep golden are adored by all. Puppies do look a tad lighter. Their color on the ears gives away how they will look a year from now.

Golden appearance

Golden Retrievers have a strong, athletic body. The average lifespan is 12 years. The wavy water repellent coat sheds often. Even daily brushing wouldn’t count as excessive. The coat sheds profusely twice a year. It happens steeply during change of seasons. Grooming is some work when it comes to Golden. It’s equally important as working out the dog. You would feel like getting a heroine ready, when preparing your golden retriever for dog shows. They are prolific show dogs, which has scored in all departments. They are agile, athletic breed who can also excel at being posers.

Golden retriever are family friendly and especially kid friendly. They have a reputation of being kind and friendly. They are amazing with kids, though requiring adult supervision. Being fun loving and confident, they trust all people. It makes them terrible guard dogs. They are highly trainable, owing to its smarts and intelligence. They don’t hesitate to step in the water and great outdoors. They would love one hour of exercise daily. They enjoy human company and don’t want their ‘me’ time. It’s easily the golden kid in the world of dogs. Get ahead with a friendly Goldie in your lives.