Retrieve the golden ones with friendly nature!!


Golden ones what does it means? Dogs golden color? Is it true? The answer to this question, yes there is a dog. Not exactly dog we can say puppy that is golden in color they are known as golden retrievers. There are obviously various types of dogs like cardigan Welsh corgis, English cockerel spaniels and so on. But one of the most amazing dogs is a golden retriever. This type of dogs is very special and have a unique attitude. Their nature is friendly and helpful towards their master. This is perfect for family people. They have a huge sense of humor.

Nature and Features

This type of dogs is friendly in nature. You can trust them for anything. Like for example if you have a small baby and there is nobody at home and you have to go somewhere out then you can live your baby alone with this type of dog. Not for a long time but yes for short duration they take care of your baby and will play with them. They will keep your baby safe. Now if we talk about the features of this dog their weight is approximately 22 to 37 kilogram. Their height is around 21 to 24 inches. Their body colors can range from cream to golden brown.


The golden retriever puppies last till 12 years. The main reason for their death can be cancer. The other reason is hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, and mast cell tumor and so on. Though the main reason for dog death is cancer. We can cure them of this if it is known to us at an early stage. Normally cancer occurs at the age of 2 years in some dogs. So if you have a dog kindly keep them safe and always have a regular checkup. They can’t speak to you but any problem they face while growing up should be treated as early as possible. Without any delay, one should help dogs.

Food they like

As we people love eating. Similarly, dogs also love eating. Usually, dog loves to eat nonvegetarian food. But some dogs if treated at the home can eat vegetarian food also. Some names of foods are royal canine. The ingredients found in this are chicken, wheat, corn. Age group between 8 to 15 months dog can have this meal. The taste of the wild. The ingredients present in it are salmon, sweet potatoes, peas etc. Primal beef formula nuggets. This is made of beef hearts, beef liver, organic kale and so on.


This type of puppies is usually very attentive in mind. They are superior talented as compared to other puppies. They like to swim, take part in different agility program, eager to know new things. They learn things very fast. They are born multi-talented. They not only love family members. They don’t harm anyone who is strange to them. They are sweet and polite.


The golden retriever is one of the innovative personalities. One should train them fruitfully. Lastly is if you spread love everywhere in return you will get love. A house or a home is lucky if you have a dog with you.